Why You Should Have Sex Everyday – How to Set New Sex Records For Yourself and Your Partner!

There comes a point in many relationships where sex gets pushed aside for other day to day responsibilities. In fact, sex may be something that you do on Saturday night only. It’s time to change that. Move sex to the forefront!

Christian Tips For Great Sex

Here are 3 excellent tips for Christian sex!

The Weekend Getaway – A surefire tip for great sex is to get away for a weekend! Even if it is just for one night, and even if it means going to a nearby hotel or camping somewhere close, just taking the action of creating a getaway for you and your partner works wonders for improving sex dramatically. The effects of just one weekend getaway can improve your sex life for months and months to come.

Swinger Clubs

If you are someone who wants to adopt a swinging lifestyle then what you need is to find out how you can actually find swinger clubs. If you are going to swinger clubs then you must know that you can open a whole new galaxy of possibilities not only for you but also for your partner. It all depends on whether you find the right club or not because if you find the right club you can add excitement and spice in your life. These special clubs are ideal places to meet up with people who are like minded. However, finding the right club is all that you need and there are certain ways by which you can actually meet up with people or couples.

Secret Guide to Sex Toys – Your Friend in the Bedroom!

For women in particular, sex toys are a handy method to satisfy themselves when there is no male around. And why not? After all, many women live a fast life just like men. They work long hours and often have little time to socialize outside of working hours. Why would a woman want to masturbate? For the very same reason why you masturbate. It doesn’t take much thought to figure it out. Male or Female, we all have the same needs and desires.

Fun Sex Positions You Must Try Out

Here are a couple of fun sex positions that you can bring to the bedroom to spice things up a bit and keep some sexual variety in the bedroom.

Going Rear? Don’t Start Without These Anal Sex Tips

Anal sex is a very pleasurable experience, for both men and women. However, just remember these important points, and your job will be a lot easier!

Is Stress and Loss of Sleep Sidetracking Your Senior Sex?

Stress seems to be an epidemic these days and often triggers poor sleeping patterns. Then, your poor sleeping habits interfere with your ability to enjoy the satisfaction of great senior sex. When someone wakes up in the morning tired and groggy, sex is the last thing on their mind. You’ll want to take charge of your stress to keep your love life healthy and happy.

Bringing Passion to Your Sex Life With Toys

Sex has often been associated with passion. A couple that enjoys a healthy sex life is passionate about each other as well as the art of lovemaking. Unfortunately, the level of passion between couples is at an all time low in today’s times due to the advanced levels of stress and tension. The prevalence of boredom in the bedroom is also one of the reasons for the reduction of sexual intimacy between two partners. The one thing that all the couples with sexual problems must do to ensure a healthy  sex  life is bringing passion to their  sex  lives with  toys . The invention of  sex   toys  has helped humankind in a lot of ways. Bringing back passion to the bedroom is just one of them.

Adult Party Plans Can Spice Up Your Life

So you think you are a bit of a Casanova, a woman of the world, an expert in the art of love. You may have a few tricks up your sleeve; you might use them on a hot one night stand. You may think you have all the right moves to use on your partner because you know each other so well after so many years. Or you may figure there is no point in trying something new if the old stuff has worked for so well so far. Well think again, in today’s society, upgrades are happening all the time.

Are You ADHD?

Drugs or Direction, that is the question….

Yesterday walking through the airport between an eatery and the wireless electronics store there was a big yellow sign that said something like this:

How To Use Your New Vibrator For The First Time

Five ways to make using your vibrator safe and fun.

1. Make sure the operating buttons are always within reach of your fingers.

Why Masturbation Is Healthy For You!

Masturbation is our first natural sexual activity. It is our ongoing love affair with your self that lasts a lifetime. Masturbation provides the foundation for a good sexual life. It is a wonderful and beautiful way to love you, build self-esteem, and get in touch with yourself.

Funny Marriage Advice – Explore the Adult Shops With Your Spouse

So right now I am almost 41 years old and my marriage has been great. Sometimes there is boredom but there always more way to make it more fun, more comical at times and just a better marriage for my husband and me. The funny thing is there is so much excellent advice out there on marriage, but I think my advice is a little funnier to be honest. My funny marriage advice: go the local   sex  store with your spouse and buy some new  toys  to test on you and your husband.  Sex  can be very fun without  toys , but it is always a comical experience when you try out new sexual things. It may sound like strange advice, but I found out that many women share my funny story and have received similar marriage advice from couples which have been happily married for many years longer than they have been. There’s a lot of comical advice out there but as comical as it all is, it is still great advice regarding marriage and how to spice it up a bit in an effective manner.

Couples and Sexuality – Five Tips for Turning Your Sex Life Around Starting Tonight!

Is your sex life mind blowing or blah? Maybe even a dynamo like you can use a little extra umph when it comes to time in the bedroom. Maybe you’ve been busy or tired: Well, the time has come to take off the gloves (or put them on) and get a little creative in the bedroom. Here are five ways to turn your sex life to sensational!

Guide to Better Orgasms – Sex Game is the Key

Research has shown that to have better orgasms, prolonged foreplay is necessary during sex. Sometimes foreplay just get too boring with just kisses and caressing, therefore couples can make the foreplay more interesting and sexually desirable by playing some sex games with one another.

4 Foreplay Tips For Adults For a Great Sex Life

If your sexual relationship with your spouse needs some spicing up then these foreplay tips for adults will certainly put you on the right path to rejuvenating your relationship. Foreplay is like a sexual fertilizer. Without it sex can be pretty boring especially if all you do is go for the home run right away. Many relationships can be affected to such an extent when one partner wants foreplay and the other simply wants to get it on.

Choosing a Sex Toy – Selecting the Right Material

Sex toys can be made from just about anything, but most are composed of one of the following materials:

Better Sex and Lovemaking With Vaginal Tightening – New and Natural Ways

The endless quest for better sex continues. The   adult   toy  industry brings in a whopping 15 Billion dollars per year, proving the average American is now taking part in this growing trend. But while this trend continues to grow ever stronger, the mainstream consumer is also becoming increasingly aware of healthier ways to spice up their love life.

Sex Toys in Your Relationship?

Sex Toys in your Relationship?

Some people mistakenly believe that only sexually unsatisfied people use sex toys in their relationships. This could not be further from the truth! In fact, it may be just the opposite. You need a certain amount of trust and intimacy to use sex toys with a partner and doing so can actually enhance your sexual experiences together and increase your intimacy. Using toys in your intimate relationship can bring out different aspects of your own and your partner’s sexuality; the fun, playful side, the lusty intense side, or the explorative tender aspects.

Learning About Female Sexual Enhancers

If you’re a woman and you are experiencing a low sex drive, you’re not alone in your problems. There are many women today that complain of not having what it takes to make them interested in having sex. While there could be many reasons why this happens, female sexual enhancers can help to increase your sex drive.

Couple Friendly Porn – 7 Tips For Introducing Female Friendly Porn Into Your Relationship

Are you ready to spice up your sex life by watching porn with your partner, but are intimidated and nervous about how to go about it? It does not have to be an uncomfortable or nerve wracking experience if you know ahead of time what to prepare for. Here are some simple tips to help make sure your experience is not only stress free but a very enjoyable one as well:

New Adult Romance Ideas To Spark That Passion

If you are looking for a new way to tease your lover in a romantic way, it might be a good time to have a romantic night in. Brainstorming about adult romance ideas can be tough, but it also can be rewarding. Not able to come up with any romantic night ideas, or any bedroom romance possibilities? Try out some of the following new adult romance ideas to help bring passion into your life.

3D Online Sex Games For Adults

The popularity of online 3D sex games has spread throughout the world so fast. The gaming industry is becoming larger and more advanced in which gaming is not limited in age or type of individual. Since then there are different games being developed and the number of its types is continually increasing for the past years. Different types of this game were enhanced and new features are added to favor the individuals who may not just like the traditional competitive games that are also in popularity now. All of these interesting factors were achieved to gain more attraction to the players in order to keep them playing the game and come back again. The extensive number of options will not get you bored and satisfy your online gaming needs. All of these factors have made this game popular.

Do Women Like Sex Toys – 3 Reasons To Consider Using Them (For HER Benefit)

Do women like  sex   toys ? When would a  sex   toy  be a good alternative to actual  SEX ? Are most women embarrassed to admit we have them? Are we more likely to want to use  sex   toys  in private… or do women really like to share the fun with our boyfriend, husband or lover of any kind? Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at the popularity of “props” for sex, including the ones that are most popular for women from one side of the globe to the other. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Adult Dating 101 – Mastering the Online Booty Call

With fast talk and even faster action, it’s in your best interest to bring your online booty call skills up to par with the adult dating game.

Sex Toys That Make You Scream in 1, 2, 3

Maybe you have come to the point in your life where you are ready to do more self exploration. There are tons of ways to achieve a new insight on life, and maybe for you one new and exciting way is with  sex   toys . Sadly even though we are so advanced in many ways, there are still many women in the world that are lacking self sexuality education. The great thing about taking this new path in life, is that everything is already inside of you. The only person you need is yourself, and maybe the help of some extra stimulation.

10 Sex Toy and Masturbation Myths You Can Safely Dismiss

Well, yes. They may not have lied intentionally, but it only takes one initial lie or scientific misunderstanding for a complete myth to arise. In our originally very religious society, a lot of myths around  sex   toys  and masturbation have developed. Today we check out 10 you can safely dismiss.

Grow a Career in the Adult Toy Party Industry

Attending adult parties can be a whole lot of fun – but have you ever thought about actually earning money by throwing them yourself? Many women have a tremendous time participating in  adult   toy  parties and other events, yet never give very much thought to turning that fun into profit. Whether you choose to stick with being a consultant – or if you opt to move all the way up to being a team leader – a career in the adult party industry can be very lucrative and extremely rewarding. Learn a little bit more about what’s involved by reading on below.

Glass Sex Toys – Should You Buy One?

You are probably getting ready to buy a glass  sex   toy , or you would like to know more information before you buy one. If you have ever searched online for  sex   toys  you have probably came across some glass  sex   toys . You might wonder why you would want to put glass inside of you.

Say Goodbye to Boring Sex With Sex Toys for Lovers

They say that when you are in love, you look at the world through rose tinted glasses. You are always willing to do anything to make your partner happy. What can make your partner happier than a steamy session in bed, every single time? Sex is a very crucial part of a relationship. Good physical compatibility is an assured way to let your love blossom with every passing day. Wondering what you can do to make this happen? Have you heard of sex toys for lovers?

6 Venues for Solo Play Outside the Bedroom

Just about every women’s magazine on the face of the earth has, probably several times, published an article telling you about how you can spice up your   sex  life by taking romance outside the bedroom and introducing  adult   toys  to spice up things. You get a whole new appreciation for your partner, have so many more options for positions and supports, and have the mental stimulation of being somewhere new. All of those points are just as applicable to solo play, too! Today we check out 6 alternative venues for you to love yourself.

How To Choose Sex Toys/Adult Novelty For 2011 Spring Break Trip

The 2011 spring break season is coming and how are you going to spend your holiday? For me, it would be best if I could go on a short trip with my boyfriend. In the following article I will talk about some fun items for this spring break trip.

Finding the Right Theme For Your Adult Toy Party

One of the reasons that  adult   toy  parties have blossomed in popularity lately is that they can be arranged around a limitless number of different themes. No two  adult   toy  parties need to be alike – and they definitely shouldn’t be! After all, a huge part of the allure of any  adult   toy  party is experiencing new types of fun. If you’ve been thinking about hosting these ultra-fun parties, you should arm yourself with plenty of theme ideas; a few of the best ones are outlined below.

Tips on How to Bring Fun to Your Sex Life

Sexual intimacy plays an integral part in the well-being of a relationship. No matter how socially, mentally and emotionally, compatible a couple is; the relation between them can never grow unless they are sexually compatible. Reaching a level of comfortable sexual intimacy is as simple as it is difficult. It requires a substantial amount of constant effort on part of both the partners to ensure that the spark of the relationship is never lost. Bringing fun to their sex life is one of the most advantageous ways to a healthy and happy relationship.

Benefits of Hosting Your Own Lingerie Adult Party

If you are thinking about hosting your own lingerie adult party, you should. There are many different benefits you should consider which include shopping dollars, a free hostess gift, and special deals for all subsequent bookings.

Sheffield’s Dogging Community Goes Green

Dogging sex is an adult activity that takes place in the outdoors, usually at car-parks or public parks. The city of Sheffield in England has many beautiful ‘hotspots’ that are loved by the swingers community and also taken care off in their effort to go green. You can also make a difference to the environment while having no-strings sex, just follow the example of the horny adults in Sheffield.

Sex Travel – A Tourism Phenomenon

I am an independent hospitality/tourism travel writer and was recently asked to review the Caribbean “Sex Travel” phenomenon for a germane website, this is a synopsis of my research.

5 of the Best Sex Toys for New Lovers

If you are new lovers, introducing  sex   toys  can be as uncomfortable as meeting her parents for the first time. What should you get? How should you introduce them? How to broach the subject? Here is a list of the top most popular  sex   toys  for new lovers-simple enough to provide pleasure, unobtrusive enough to not scare her off.

Discover Sex Using Sex Toys – Getting the Heat Back

Has sex between you and your spouse grown stale? Is it always the same old positions, the same old foreplay then straight off to sleep? Are you having orgasms and feeling physically satisfied, but mentally still randy and unfulfilled? It may be time to try something new and exciting to improve your marriage sex. Using sex toys is a great way to make sex new and exciting all over again, even if you have been married 20 or 30 years. Ranging from simply massagers to much more intricate tools of the trade, sex toys are a great way to take your love life from lukewarm to boiling hot in no time flat.

Choosing Your First Sex Toy to Practice Achieving Orgasm

Studies prove that sex toys help women learn to achieve orgasm. This is because with the use of a particular sex toy, a woman will be able to explore her body at her own pace. With that, she would know the kind of strokes she wants to be able to derive pleasure from it. Aside from that, a woman would not feel the pressure of someone waiting for her to climax.

Enhance Your Sex Life – Here’s How

Here are some fun, easy, and effective ways to enhance your sex life!

1.   Sex   Toys . These can include a variety of different sexual intimacy aids like oil rub lotions, or actual intimacy objects like ticklers. They can be a great way to add variety in fun within your intimacy. Together you can go to a  adult  store and have fun picking  toys  out, or if you are a female it is now popular to throw a “ sex   toy  party” with your girlfriends where like a tupperware party, someone will arrive with a variety of intimacy aids for sale.

Discrete Ways to Buy Sex Toys

All types of women are looking for ways to purchase sex toys. For some, it is their first experience with masturbation, while others enjoy incorporating these into their everyday relationships. Sex toys have become available through various websites and independent representatives as well as at novelty shops and even some gift shops. There are a few options for those looking for the most discretion when making these kinds of purchases.

Best Sex Toys For Women – How To Choose Your First Vibrator

Everyone wants to know what the best sex toys for women are and really it’s always going to come down to personal choice. But if you have never tried one before and are feeling a little timid about purchasing your first toy, then our guide to female sex toys for beginners is for you.

Christian Sex Toys You Should Use And the Ones You Should Definitely Avoid!

If you are a Christian couple and are NOT using Christian sex toys then you are missing out on some very pleasurable and acceptable sexual experiences.

Cleaning Your Sex Toy – The Most Important Sex Toy Practise

The importance of cleaning a sex toy after use is often overlooked by both toy companies and consumers alike. Sex toys don’t often come with instructions about how to clean them, but this is one of the most important practises when it comes to using your toy.

Female Masturbation – Is It All About a Sex Toy?

  1. The best way is the way most women start which is by using their hands. Usually they orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. So make sure you will not be disturbed and can fully relax as you explore with your fingers your genital area. If something feels good then experiment with various rhythms and pressure.
  2. Your imagination can be a great turn on so try reading erotic fiction or sexual films and maybe create in your mind your own scenario that makes you feel sexy while you explore and get to know your body. You may play certain music or wear something that turns you on, this is for you so spoil yourself with any textures that you like the feel of, if it gets you feeling hot then it is worth the effort.
  3. When you feel ready or you are having difficulty orgasming, you can add a sex toy like a vibrator to your masturbation. You will probably be surprised by the intensity of your orgasm and how quickly you get one. You may even experience multiple orgasms. There are lots of vibes to choose from although a basic classic shaped slender vibrator or a vibrating bullet may be a good starter but there are G Spot vibrators, Anal dildos, nipple clamps, stimulating lubricants and gels the choices are there when you are ready.
  4. If you are using a vibrator for the first time experiment by running over different parts of your body like your nipples as you do not need to rush into penetrating or straight to your clitoris. Take time to enjoy the various speeds and pulsations it may offer.
  5. Don’t be afraid to make noise or move if that feels right as you want to completely give yourself to the experience if you are to fully enjoy it. Obviously it is important to choose your surroundings so that you are not worried about being interupted or overheard. This is your private time.

Choosing the Best Sex Lubricants for the Job

Now, the questions you might want to ask yourself are which lubricants should I use, which lubricant would be the best for me and my partner, and what do I need them for? Do I need it for vaginal sex? Anal sex? What type of lube would I use for sex toys? Can I use it in the water? Will it hurt me if I were to get some in my mouth? I am going to touch on the three different main kinds of lubes that are currently on the market. I will also go over the best use for each type of lubes.

Christian Sex Toy Tips

A Christian  sex   toy  can be very much allowable within Christian marriage. By following these tips, you can include one or many in your relationship in a safe, fun, and loving manner.

Try Your Hand at Being an Adult Toy Party Consultant

These days, there are many exciting opportunities to make money as your own boss. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum who’d like a little extra spending cash, or if you’re looking for a new direction in your career, being an adult toy party consultant is something that you should definitely consider. Learn more about the many perks of being an adult toy party consultant below!

10 Hot Tips to Make Your Romance Sizzle

Is your romance with that special someone cooling off? Do you worry that the spark is going to go out? Look no further. Here are 15 hot tips to make your romance sizzle.

How to Choose a Dildo

Selecting a dildo sex toy can be very overwhelming. Basically, it comes down to a matter of preference. Dildos come in many colors, materials, shapes, sizes, styles, and textures.

Sexual Instructions to Rock Your Adult Online Dating Life

There is no better place upgrade your sex life from dulls-ville to daring then through the world of adult online dating. Think about it. This is your own fantasy playground where the sandbox is replaced by something on box springs and the toys get a lot more interesting. So what’s so special about online dating? Well, this is the place where you can find adults to be willing participants in some sexual instructions testing, trials, and homework.

What Can Modern Women Learn From ‘Female Hysteria’ Treatment?

In Western Europe in the Victorian Era, there existed a strange and variable disease – quite commonly diagnosed, and widely discussed by the medical journals of the time. However, this disease has pretty much disappeared from our vocabulary, and even our knowledge, today. It was female hysteria, and the cure was – the vibrator. Today we find out what this hilarious historical curiosity has to teach about being a modern woman.

Adult Dating and Personals – Finding Sex Partners Online

Dating is supposed to be fun and fulfilling. And, let’s face it, not everyone is exactly seeking a girl or boy to take home to mama, unless of course mama herself is not “traditional”. Adult dating and personals services were designed for those seeking fun and amorous dating. This includes casual sex as well as exploring of fantasies and fetishes.

More Sex, Better Sex – For Adults Only

Honestly, I don’t know enough about sex to comment on this topic. My last sexual partner is my current partner, and she has made it clear that for her, privacy is an aphrodisiac. All the better for you, since I have been forced to consult the sexiest person I know on your behalf. I talked to my German friend Sia Moore-Auphen. She’s been around the world so many times she has a passport collection: every page has at least three stamps on it and all the ink is bright red.

Sex Toys – What Is a Rabbit Vibrator?


The Rabbit Vibrator is a vibrating and rotating sex toy that is designed in shape of a phallus and features a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft. One of the most popular vibrators available (and for good reason) the bunny ears of the attached rabbit acts as a clitoral stimulator, and the spinning and vibrating shaft and head stimulate the vagina. Basically, you get double the pleasure, all in one amazing sex toy!

Why Themed Lingerie Is So Appealing

There is nothing sexier to a man than seeing his beautiful girlfriend or wife wearing sexy lingerie or a scantily clad costume – unless that same woman is pleasuring herself with one of her favorite sex toys, while wearing her sexiest outfit.

Top 10 Tips For Spicing Up the Bedroom

Whether you’re in a new romance or a long, loving relationship, the bedroom should be a steamy place to be. The idea behind a healthy relationship is not get stuck in a rut. Be romantic one night, fun another night and incredibly wild yet another. Variety not only adds excitement to your life but it allow you to grow as a couple and combat the boredom that may cause some to be unfaithful. Below are 10 ways you and your partner can spice up your bedroom together.

5 Fascinating Materials For Dildos

In every area of life, it is the little things that make the difference. The cherry on top of your ice-cream – the mint sprigs on top of your julep, and the candles next to your bathtub all make a pretty ordinary experience into something that remains in your memory for quite a while! When you’re thinking about treating yourself, why not look into varying the little things on your vibrator or dildo a little? Today we explore 5 fascinating materials for vibrators and dildos, and the sensations they create.

More Fun in the Bedroom

A bedroom is the place where a couple gets a chance to spend quality time with each other and strengthen the bond of their relationship. It is here that the compatibility and intimacy between them builds and grows. Lately, both men and women are so busy proving their worth in the corporate rat race that the time spent in the bedroom in cuddling each other is reduced considerably. A simple step taken by these people can help them have more fun in the bedroom and more meaning in the relationship.

Questions And Answers About Pregnancy Sex

How to maintain intimacy with her during pregnancy even though at times, sex may not be possible? These and other common questions and concerns about sex during pregnancy will be the topics for discussion in the following paragraphs.

Spring Cleaning – Take Care Of Your Special Toys!

It’s easy to get very attached to your electric playmates, but do you take special care of your dildos and vibrators? As the arrival of spring starts turning us all a little frisky, April is a good time to make sure all your toys are spick and span.

How To Enhance A Women’s Sexual Experience Through The Use of Sex Toys

It does not matter what your age is, or whether you are in a committed relationship, married, or single the use of  sex   toys  can enhance your experience sexually.  Sex   toys  allow you to change your routine add a little spice whether you’re using them alone or with a partner. There are different types of  sex   toys  you can use to accomplish this. Here are a few examples there are Vibrators, Dildos, G Spot Stimulators, Ben Wa Balls, Lotions and Massage Oils.

Sex Toys – Are They Good Or Bad?

Sex toys can be good or bad. But it all depends on your attitude towards having a meaningful sex. If a sex toy is being used as an adjunct to therapy to overcome some sexual problem then it is good. But if it is used as a substitute for real sex with another person, then there is something fundamentally wrong with that person. However, for many men and women a it is an easy way of obtaining sexual relief when their partner is not available or for some other reason. In fact, there are great many couples who use these toys as a way of enhancing their sexual life.

Bedroom Fun With Sex Toys

Having a wonderful or lustful sex is something that every individual crave in their life; some hide their feelings, while others admit it blatantly. No matter what you do to your partner if you do not satisfy them in bed they would not be feeling complete. That is the reason why individuals are always looking out for ways and means to satisfy their partners in bed. If you consider certain measures, you might take care of it all – do not force your partner just because you want it, get them ready first; make them feel special and wanted and always gift them something with lot of passion, when you know that they would not use it.

Spice Up Your Sex Life Using Sex Toys From Hot G Vibe

Are you getting bored with the same routine in bed? If you want to increase the intimacy and pleasure you share with your loved one, using adult toys can be the bridge toward that mind blowing orgasms. Using adult toys from Hot G Vibe online store, you can increase the excitement in your bedroom and enhance your sexual pleasure to the max.

Discreetly Buying Sex Toys Online

The awareness about  sex   toys  has grown considerably over the past few years and a lot of people are contemplating the use of these toys to bring fun and exhilaration into their bedroom and relationship. While some of these people end up buying these toys and multiplying their sexual satisfaction levels considerably, the others are too concerned about the reactions of society and end up compromising on their desires. Thankfully, the advancements in internet technology can now come to the rescue of such people. Buying from your home is now possible through various websites that are dedicated solely to the sale of various kinds of such toys.

Boost Your Confidence With Independent Escorts In Bangalore

Summary:  While you plan for another business tour, do not forget to take Independent Escorts in Bangalore along with you. They will offer great company at prestigious events.

Editor’s Choice Sex Toys: 8 Models to Keep in Your Toy ‘Box’

The world of sex toys has certainly evolved in the last ten years, from the times when you had to plug your vibrator into the wall! Now it can be a big, scary world of latex, ribbing, beads and silicone; it’s hard to know whether you’re buying a good all-rounder, or a niche toy that will only get pulled out once in a blue moon (or as a last resort). Today we check out the crème de la crème (yes, really) of sex toys… staples that should be in every guy, girl and couple’s toy box!

Get Hot With Adult Sex Games

Sex is something that is vital when you are in a relationship and if there will be a time when you will get bored of your partner, I guess that there is not enough spiciness in your relationship. Sex is something that makes you feel ready for facing a new day and if you don’t have the opportunity to experience it when you need it, then you will definitely have a day filled with stress and more worries.

New to Adult Toys? Come-Worthy Kinks Explained

“They do WHAT to their WHAT!!!”

The internet has opened our eyes to a lot of things that many of us had previously never thought of… and while sometimes the web leaves you desperate to UN-think something, it is quite easy to find intriguing ideas on the world-wide advertisement and porn hub. Today we hold the hands of beginners to the adult toy scene, explaining how some of the more unusual items can play a part in the daily life of your neighbour, your teacher, your grandparent or the man who ‘comes to clean ze pool’!

Viva La Difference! Caring for Different Sex Toy Materials

When we’re buying  sex   toys , we usually pay plenty of attention to what they actually do. Do they vibrate? Rotate? Twirl? Pump up? Feel real?

What is Your Orgasm Costing You?

When you choose a vibrator, or any sex toy, you need to ensure that it is a safe product. There are many sex toys that are made from a material called polyvinyl chloride (known as PVC). This material is softened with a controversial harmful chemical called phthalates. Some organizations in Europe, US, Japan and Canada have banned phthalates for use in children’s toys due to their toxic nature and as such the debate continues in relation to adult toys that contain the same chemicals.

Sexy Christmas Gifts for an X-Rated Holiday

Most holidays are pretty wholesome, and this is certainly true of Christmas – Santa Claus, cookies and silly wrapping paper, not to mention spending time with family, generally make this a rated-G holiday. However, there’s no reason a man can’t take the occasion as an opportunity to spice things up with his lover. While sexy Christmas gifts may not be appropriate for very new couples, those who have established trust, communication and comfort around sex can benefit immensely from intimate stocking stuffers. Along with practicing appropriate penis care for his lover, a man can gift him or her with the following delights – some specifically for the other’s pleasure, and some for them to share in.

What Are The Different Kinds of Sex Toy Materials?

Not only are there many different options of sex toys, there are also many different types of sex toy materials. How do you know which material is right for you? Learn how to determine which sex toy material would work best for your needs.

Are you a Pearl Rabbit Girl?

Are you a Rabbit Girl?

Or, for the guys our subtitle is “Is your girl a Rabbit type of girl?”

By Chrystal Bougon


Vibrating Sex Toys For Men

Even if you have an active sex life together with your partner, you and your partner might be looking for more exciting techniques to heat up at night in your bed. There are a lot of ways to satisfy your partner, by using different techniques such as using sex toys.

Sex Shop Online Vs Brick and Mortar Sex Shops

I don’t know about you but, my first experience in a brick and mortar sex shop was not the most pleasant. With a salesperson watching my every move, I felt no privacy whatsoever. As this was supposed to be something fun and exciting to do with my boyfriend, I can only say that the experience was not at all as arousing as we had hoped.

Give Your Sexual Confidence a Boost

We’re all good at different things, and most of the time how good we are at something depends upon how confident we are in that area. The same is true for sex-regardless of whether you can twist your body into the shape of a pretzel and lick your way through the Great Wall of China. If you don’t have confidence, you can’t be good in bed-or, for that matter, enjoy sex as much as its possible for you to enjoy it. Forget learning tricks or spending a fortune on   adult   toys  (although a few are a good idea, as you’ll find out), the first lesson in becoming a sexual master is mastering yourself!

Six Reasons to Invest in a Rabbit Vibrator

A rabbit vibrator has two parts: the traditional penis shape and a section which stimulates the clitoris. It gets it name from the shape of the clitoris stimulator, which is like two long rabbit ears. There are many reasons why you should invest in this particular vibrator, but here are the best six reasons.

Naughty Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day – Kinky Gifts for Couples

Whips, Paddles & Chains, Oh My! If you are looking for some kinky gifts to get you hot and bothered this Valentine’s Day, then this is the list for you. Perfect for couples who want more flavor than just vanilla, saucy play partners, Dommes and Dominatrix’, naughty girls and bad boys.

Buying Your Lover a Sex Toy

It may seem strange if someone comes up and asks you about sex toys in front of your partner, but everybody has one for themselves. They love to use it when their partner is away for long and they just want it badly and cannot have them by their side. On several occasions, people try using the toys for the places where the partner does not want to visit, like the back door. However, you may always surprise you partner by presenting them with a sex toy for the moments that you would be away and also for the moments you would be with her.

The History of the Vibrator

There were some fairly odd medical devices in common use before 1900 or so. Leeches were a common tool used by doctors, opioids were given to babies to help relieve coughs and irritability, and wood ash and alum was often mixed with bread in Victorian era-London… then given to babies to be weaned on. One of the most fascinating of the olden-style medical devices is still around today, though in a very different form. Today we take a look at the vibrator’s journey from a time-saving, steam-powered device for doctors, to the modern battery driven, technologically advanced vibrator.

Ways to Make Better Love With Sex Toys

Research has proven that there are a large number of men and women, who have problems attaining orgasm. The reason or this could either be that their partners cannot satisfy them or they are not as aroused as they should be. In any of these two scenarios, using sexual aids can be extremely beneficial and advisable. A sex toy is a device, manual or mechanical that is designed in such a way that it can provide sexual pleasure to humans. A lot of couples now make better love with sex toys and have experienced improvement not only in the quality of their sex but also their relationship.

How to Start Enjoying B and D Play With Sex Toys

Wondering what all the fuss over spanking, handcuffs and whips is about? Can’t understand how so many grown men (and women) like being told that they’re dirty little people and need to be punished? BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism or Slave and Master) is a whole ‘nother sexual world quite removed from the vanilla missionary positions that most of us enjoy on a regular basis. Want to start venturing to the very pleasurable dark side with BDSM-oriented sex toys and role play? Here’s a beginner’s guide.

Sex Toys Are an Appetizer, Your Partner is the Entree!

I wish I had a dime for every time I have heard the words “what if he is intimidated or I hurt his feelings when I bring home this sex toy”? This topic comes up all of the time at our in home sex toy parties.

Sex Ideas For Couples – Tips on Choosing Your First Sex Toy

If you are looking for some new sex ideas for couples, I would highly suggest bringing sex toys into the mix. Sex toys can lead to a whole new world of sexual discovery and are a perfect way to spice up things between the sheets. If you don’t own any sex toys this article will help making that first purchase a little easier.

The Amazing Range Of Sex Toys

The variety of  sex   toys  is surprising.  Sex   toys  vary from purely male or purely female  sex   toys  to  toys  that can be used by both  sexes . There are also some  sex   toys  that can also be classified as  sex  aids or marital aids.

Improve Your Sex Life Today

Do you remember when you just couldn’t WAIT to have sex? I remember those days. I remember when I would count to 7…and it was over! Granted, that was MANY, MANY years ago. Nowadays, I am much better at what I do…just ask my wife. Well, enough about me, let’s talk about you and why you’re reading this article. What do you think is necessary for a relationship to maintain its passion? Anyone?

Men’s Sex Toys – Are They Any Good?

Men are straight forward beings. They know what they enjoy and what they favor. To them, sex toys for men are simply a means with which they ease any intimate frustrations and tensions that they may have, or merely pleasure themselves. Virtually all male sex toys are created with this in mind. Some of the sex toys for men, though, are aimed to heighten confidence and comfort of the men.

How to Make Love With Your Lesbian Partner (Hand Job, Blow Job And Sex Toys)

How to make love with your lesbian partner? The main tools are your hands, mouth, tongue and other necessities.

Penetration Play: The Many Types of Dildos and Strap Ons

Let’s face it ladies: a penis is not easy to come by at the drop of hat to get sexual pleasure when you need and want it. Regardless of whether your single or your partner is having problems getting an erection, the need for filling your vagina with a penis will always be there. The great thing is, regardless of either of these situations, it is possible to have your sexual urges taken care of without a man’s penis.

6 Explosive Adult Toys for Beginners

If you have never known the joy of plastic, silicone, injection moulding, and what happens when you combine it all with a little whirring motor… you’re in for a treat! For those who have never experienced adult toys, it can be a strange and unusual world. Start small – here we look at some of the best toys for beginners.


Lubes and lotions

Pornography As a Turn-On for Fun-Driven Adult Sex

Adventurous couples can buy a pornographic video and watch it together. That is generally a surefire way to end up in bed. In fact, it is usually when couples are in bed that they watch such films. And if the film is a good one they will enjoy being turned on as they watch it. Many couples find that the provocative content stimulates them to duplicate what is being viewed. They are impulsively driven to touch each other, kid around, mimic the sex acts, and swing from the imagined chandelier as they tickle each other’s fancy.

Safe Sex – With Toys! 10 Tips for Avoiding Embarrassing Hospital Trips

Once people have gotten over their initial embarrassment about using sex toys, many find new activity levels in their imagination! And sometimes, imagination comes before awareness of consequences… and if you’re unlucky, it can all end in a very, very embarrassing trip to the emergency room. There are several ways that play with sex toys can end in moans of misery rather than pleasure – here are our top 10 tips for keeping your adventures in the bedroom and out of the hospital!

8 Ideas for Using a Rabbit Vibrator

A rabbit vibrator, sometimes called a jack rabbit vibrator, or a bunny vibrator, has a normal dildo shaped vibrator with an attachment that stimulates your clitoris at the same time as your vibrator penetrates your vagina. The attachment has two shaped sections that look like rabbit’s ears, which is how this type of vibrator got it’s name. So, how do you use it to give yourself maximum pleasure? Here are eight ideas for enjoying your rabbit vibrator.

The Top 10 Discreet Sex Toy Essentials For Your Summer Holiday

The summer has come around again so you are probably looking forward to a much earned rest on your summer holiday. Wherever it is you have planned to go to and for however long the duration of your stay, don’t forget to take your favourite adult toy with you. If your favourite dildos or vibrators are fairly sizable you may not think they are practical to take with you due to lack of room in your luggage. If you are going on a family holiday, you may also be concerned that the children may discover them and start asking awkward questions. Sinful Sensations have come up with a list of sex toy essentials, condoms and sexual lubricants for couples that are small enough to go unnoticed and quiet enough not to be heard. The top ten essentials are as follows:

Are Vaginal Orgasms a Myth?

I feel sorry for any woman who does think vaginal orgasms are a myth, because it means she is definitely missing out. No, orgasms are not mythical, and many women enjoy multiple orgasms. Imagine having multiple orgasms each time you enjoy sex, with or without your partner. If this is just in the realm of imagination for you, don’t worry – it won’t just be in your imagination for long. Soon you will be enjoying multiple vaginal orgasms any time you want to.

Sex Ideas For Couples – Watch an Adult Movie Together

There are many sex ideas for couples that will increase the amount and quality of sex in your life and everyone should be striving for a healthy sex life. Sex with the one you love is one of the most fulfilling experiences and is something that everyone should be enjoying to the fullest.

What Will Sex Toy Makers Come Up With Next?

I have worked for a  sex   toy  retailer for almost six years. In these six years, I have been exposed to so many different styles of  sex   toys . I still wows me on what the  sex   toy  manufacturers can come up with. Before I worked for the  sex   toy  industry, I was not too familiar on the variety of  adult  products that were available. Most of the vibrators that individuals are familiar with are the life like looking vibrators that resemble a real penis, the rabbit style vibrators, and the pocket rockets.  Sex   toys  have gone beyond the rabbit vibes or the pocket rockets. There are a multitude of  toys  that range from  sex   toys  that are discreet and do not look like a  sex   toy , to a ultra powerful, and pricey for some, Sybian  Sex  Machine. One of my main job functions is to take photos of the new products and put them on the web site. My position has enabled me to get a first hand look at some of the most interesting adult products that are available on the market. Here are some examples of the most interesting  sex   toys  that I have come across in my job based on product design and/or features.